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Student Accounts

The mission of the Office of Student Accounts at the University at Buffalo is to professionally manage the financial transactions between students and others that play a role in financing the student’s education. The office performs its fiduciary responsibility in compliance with county, state and federal government regulations. Student Accounts is committed to providing quality customer service in a helpful, informed and courteous manner.


  • Reworking the existing customization for submitting accounts to the collection agency and to the attorney general’s office
  • Increase the use of Flywire (formerly peerTransfer) for International payments
  • Exploring and implementing changes to HUB Student Financials functionality that will improve service to students with regards to releasing holds, improving group posting and credit history thresholds for collections.
  • Exploring and implementing value added services as a result of the new banking relationship with Key Bank:
    • Online Remote Deposits (eliminating the physical transfer of checks to Key Bank)
    • Smart Safes for use by departments that typically receive large amounts of currency; eliminating Student Accounts as the middleman between them and the bank
  • Financial Aid/Scholarship Processing Improvement
    • Improve customer service to students by posting scholarship awards and refunds to student account faster
    • Utilization of the HUB student system in a more efficient and less time-consuming paper process for university staff
    • Data and reporting will be more readily available
  • Increasing Direct Deposit Enrollment by using a new product offered by a third party vendor, Nelnet
    • More communications to students about refunds
    • Choices given about how to receive refunds
  • Working with the Office of the Registrar to better identify online classes so some processes can be automated, such as the Comprehensive Fee Waiver


Last updated: June 16, 2017 10:51 am EST