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Center for Educational Innovation

The Center for Educational Innovation (CEI) serves as a nexus for campus-wide efforts to further elevate the scholarship of, and research support for, pedagogical advancement and improved learning at the university.

Created in July 2014 based on recommendations by the Realizing UB 2020 Curriculum and Assessment Task Force, the center is the result of a merger of the Teaching & Learning Center (TLC) and the Office of Assessment. CEI activities are structured around four clusters: student assessment and program evaluation, online learning, application of instructional technologies, and communication and faculty engagement.

The center’s expertise supports essential and well-known university services, such as UBlearns, UBclicks and the UB Course Evaluation System, as well as online course design, instructional video production, scoring services and academic program assessment. CEI also offers professional development opportunities throughout the year and organizes high-impact special events for the university community.

You can find more information about CEI’s services, projects and teaching resources on their website.


Seed Grant for Promoting Pedagogical Innovation

CEI’s annual seed grant program is intended to promote excellence in university teaching, learning and assessment and enhance UB’s capacity to successfully obtain external grants to support university pedagogical innovation.

UB Course Evaluations support

UB Course Evaluations is the university-wide tool for evaluating UB’s academic courses. Results of the common evaluation form and customized questions help faculty members and students review courses and identify changes to promote increased student learning.

CEI staff provides administration and end-user support for the course evaluation system, including setting up evaluations for each semester, working closely with academic units to design customized evaluations and provide training in the use of the system.

UB Assessment Day

Assessment Day is a professional development event designed to help faculty, staff and administrators develop assessment strategies.

This event is sponsored by the Office of Academic Planning and the Office of the Vice President for Student Life.

UB EXCITE (University at Buffalo Excellence in Course Instruction Through Enquiry

As part of UB EXCITE, faculty can apply for funding to redesign their courses and the support needed to teach them./p>

Selected faculty will form a professional learning community to collaboratively redesign their courses; the faculty will then teach the redesigned courses and collect data to evaluate the courses’ effectiveness. The collected data will guide further refinement of the redesigned courses.


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