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General Education for the 21st Century — The UB Curriculum

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General education is an integral part of the UB undergraduate program of study. Encompassing a rigorous education in the liberal arts, the program combines a broad array of essential skills and knowledge that all UB graduates are required to achieve prior to graduation and in preparation for entering the world of employment or advanced study as informed, educated and judicious citizens.

To this end, UB has adopted a new general education curriculum of high-impact practices and integrative learning starting with the incoming freshman/transfer class of 2016. The new program prioritizes core competencies and shared intellectual experiences, while focusing on improved communication skills, critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and preparation for a diverse and rapidly changing world. Such a program will set it among the very best in the country, help attract and retain talented students, and aid in the employability of our graduates. Moreover, it will help further UB’s central mission as a premier, research-intensive public university dedicated to bringing the benefits of its research, scholarship and creative activity to global and local communities in ways that positively change the world.

The UB Curriculum seeks to minimize prescription, provide students with greater choice, and offer departments the latitude to tailor more of their own general education offerings, including the opportunity to propose UB Seminars for incoming freshmen and transfer students and collaborate on integrative Pathways. The program utilizes proven high-impact educational practices such as seminar experiences, capstone experiences and global learning, and provides opportunities for students to actively integrate and reflect upon their educational progress by means of an e-portfolio platform. Furthermore, it is intended as a universal program for every undergraduate at UB (including transfers) that will help unify the student experience and serve as a core educational framework for each major. The program will be fully compliant with the State University of New York’s General Education Requirements (SUNY-GER).

How is the new general education program being implemented?

The provost, in collaboration with the Faculty Senate, has named a faculty advisory committee and appropriate subcommittees that are charged with overseeing the implementation of the new program. These committees will delineate a process for review of new courses as required, define appropriate policies and develop a plan of authentic assessment. The dean of undergraduate education will ensure that other responsibilities are appropriately assigned as needed to successfully implement this new program, and will report regularly to the appropriate committees of the Faculty Senate.

What about current students and their gen ed requirements?

General education for current students and those entering in 2015-2016: For information regarding the requirements of the current general education program, please consult the Undergraduate Catalog. Students who entered UB prior to fall 2016 will fulfill these requirements.

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